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Precision Impact Rubbers

Precision Impact rubbers are installed on the roller shell, which significantly soften the impacts at the loading points on the conveyor belt. They also reduce vibration which allows for the extension of the bearing assembly and conveyor belt. It comprises of wear-resistant and shock-absorbing rubber.

  • MS0099/A: 108mm to Suit 57mm Pipe, 20mm Thickness
  • MS0100/A: 108mm to Suit 57mm Pipe, 50mm Thickness
  • MS0037/A: 133mm to Suit 57mm Pipe, 33.5mm Thickness
  • MS0425/A: 133mm to Suit 76mm Pipe, 33.5mm Thickness
  • MS0445/A: 133mm to Suit 89mm Pipe, 33.5mm Thickness
  • MS0375/A: 152mm to Suit 57mm Pipe, 48.5mm Thickness
  • MS0418/A: 152mm to Suit 76mm Pipe, 40.5mm Thickness
  • MS0419/A: 152mm to Suit 89mm Pipe, 40.5mm Thickness
  • MS0413/A: 152mm to Suit 101mm Pipe, 40.5mm Thickness
  • MS0407/A: 159mm to Suit 101mm Pipe, 40.5mm Thickness