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Dust Covers

Dust covers in the mining industry serve as protective barriers for shafts and equipment, guarding against the ingress of dust, debris, and other contaminants. These covers help maintain the integrity of machinery components, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring optimal performance in rugged mining environments.

20 Series to Fit a 20mm Shaft:
  • MS0011: 20mm Soft PVC Dust Cover
  • MS0111: 20mm LDPE Dust Cover

25 Series to Fit a 25mm Shaft:
  • MS0010: 25mm Soft PVC Dust Cover
  • MS0110: 25mm LDPE Dust Cover
  • MS0135: 25mm Hard PVC Dust Cover

30 Series to Fit a 30mm Shaft:
  • MS0124: 30mm Dust Cover to Suit MS0126
  • MS0483/04: 30mm Dust Cover to Suit MS0483

35 Series to Fit a 35mm Shaft:
  • MS0125: 35mm Dust Cover

40 Series to Fit a 40mm Shaft:
  • MS0217: 40mm Hard PVC Dust Cover

60 Series to Fit a 60mm Shaft:
  • MS0438: 60mm Dust Cover to Suit MS0437