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Articulated Feet and Tube Inserts

Articulating Adjustable Feet are a type of machine feet that support the weight of equipment. These polypropylene machinery feet raise the height of equipment such as conveyors, machines and industrial equipment. These machine feet are adjustable as they have an outer hex slotted head for adjustment.

A tube insert is a square or round plastic bung or plug with an internal female metal thread. Tube inserts are inserted into the open end of a square tube, round tube, strut or box section.

  • MS0600: Articulated Feet – 60mm diameter x M16 x 90mm long, with anti-slip pad.
  • MS0601: Articulated Feet – 80mm diameter x M16 x 110mm long, with anti-slip pad.
  • MS0602: Articulated Feet – 80mm diameter x M12 x 100mm long, with anti-slip pad.
  • MS0603: Articulated Feet – 100mm diameter x M16 x 112mm long, with anti-slip pad.
  • MS0604: Brass Tube Insert – 38x38x2.0 Tube, with M12.
  • MS0605: Brass Tube Insert – 40x40x1.5 Tube, with M16.
  • MS0606: Brass Tube Insert – 40x40x2.0 Tube, with M16.
  • MS0607: Brass Tube Insert – 50x50x1.5 Tube, with M16.
  • MS0608: Brass Tube Insert – 50x50x2.0 Tube, with M16.

Note: Subject to a minimum order quantity.